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Cleaning. It’s no secret, we all hate it. But we got a range of products that’ll make your life a heap easier! Looking after your tools is key, it’ll save you bucks and ensures they last much longer. So we don’t suggest skimping when it comes to cleaning supplies. Brush washers, hand cleaners, brush cleaners – you name it, we got it.

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Master the Art of Brush Cleaning and Care

Whether you’re splashing around with acrylics, dabbling in oils, or sketching with watercolours, keeping your brushes in tip-top shape is key. Brush Cleaning and Care isn’t just about maintenance; it’s about respecting the tools of your trade. Extend the life of your brushes and ensure your art remains pristine with our tip top cleaning solutions.

First up, the Aluminium Brush Washer – a sturdy companion for any painter, great for swishing away those excess paints. Then, give your brushes the TLC they deserve with The Master’s Brush Cleaner and Preserver, an all-in-one solution that cleans, conditions, and restores.

For those brushes needing a bit more shape in their life, the Speedball Brush Shaper is your go-to, keeping those bristles perfect for your next stroke. And let’s not forget about Speedball’s Pink Soap, a cleaner and conditioner that not only cleans but leaves your brushes soft and ready for action.

Lastly, for a deep clean, the Zellen Brush Cleaner is a must-have, getting rid of stubborn paint and leaving your brushes as good as new.

With the right care, your brushes can last a lifetime, making every painting session as satisfying as the first. So, dive into our range of Brush Cleaning and Care products and keep the heart of your art beating strong!

FAQs – Brush Cleaning & Care

How do you clean and maintain brushes?
Use lukewarm water and gentle soap or brush cleaner to remove paint. After washing, reshape the bristles and let them dry horizontally to avoid water damaging the handle.
What is brush for cleaning?
A brush for cleaning is a tool designed to remove paint, medium, and other materials from your brushes, ensuring they are clean and ready for your next artistic endeavor.
What do you need to clean brushes?
You’ll need lukewarm water, a gentle soap or a specialized brush cleaner, and possibly a brush washer or a cleaning pad to help remove stubborn paint.
How do you use a Brush Shaper?
After cleaning your brush, apply a small amount of Brush Shaper to the bristles, shape them as desired, and let them dry to keep them pointed and ready for your next project.
What is Brush Shaper?
Brush Shaper is a solution used after cleaning to help maintain the shape of your brushes, ensuring they keep their edge or point for precise work.
What is brush cleaner used for?
Brush cleaner is used to thoroughly remove paint, mediums, and residue from your brushes, preserving their life and performance.
How do professional artists clean their brushes?
Professional artists often use a combination of gentle soap or brush cleaner and meticulous care in washing, reshaping, and drying their brushes to maintain their quality over time.
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